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Bare Island

The backdoor of Sydney

General Info:

Parking can be an issue especially on weekends. High tide is generally better time to dive. Look out for giant cuttlefish, nudibranchs, rock cods, clingfish, spiny gurnard, red indianfish, anglerfish, pipehorses and weedy seadragons.

There are much more to see at night...

Max Deptht:

18m - Suitable for all levels

Isolated Reef @ Bare Island

Located at far West, also known as 'Right Hand Side' by most divers, of the island is a place known as 'Isolated Reef'. To get here, divers have to surface swim pass the Southern end of the island before decending down to the sandy bottom at approximately 18m deep and start to navigate South until reaching the reef. Here divers can spend time exploring the coral reef for seahorses, rare anglerfish (I yet to find them myself), cuttlefish, cowfish & many other interesting species that seem to only reside in this area. Great place for a day full of diving adventure...

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