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The Leap & Steps - Kurnell

Home of the Weedy Seadragons

General Info:

The Leap is Sydney's popular site for 'drift' dive. Although the current here is not as strong compared to other drift diving sites, e.g. Swansea, the site should be dived during incoming tide. Gear up at a small parking space on the side of Solander Dr, return & park the car at the Steps dive site, approximately 290m between the sites. Ensure you & your dive buddy doing a proper buddy check before coming down to the cliff & into the water. If you don't have adequate dive gears to drift back to the Steps, the only way to get out of the water at the Leap is by assisstance of Water Police (I've assisted Water Police rescure here before!). Look out for Weedy Seadragons, Seahorses, Pygmies, Pineapple Fish & many other usual Sydney's critters...

Max Deptht:

18-22m - Suitable for beginer &C advanced levels

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